Looking Out for Children

Did you know that there is an international agreement designed to defend children around the world? It is called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and it protects every child, regardless of their race, religion or abilities. The UNCRC is the basis for all of the work of Unicef, a global charity created in 1946 … Continue reading Looking Out for Children


Parliament Project


Sheffield United have been visiting Y5 for three weeks.  Y5 have been taking part in the Parliament Project which enables the children to find out about parliament and democracy in England.

During week 1 we started to learn about a General Election; what it is and when it happens and then about manifestos. We worked with a partner to have a go at writing our own manifesto.  Please excuse out handwriting this was a quick job.


We then presented our manifestos to the class. The class voted for the manifesto they liked the most.

Week 2 gave us the opportunity to practise out debating skills.  We were given a topic which we had to talk about; sharing our opinions and ideas with supporting arguments.  Some of us then tried the ‘balloon challenge’.  We had to share our ideas before the balloon hit the floor.  It was quite hard!

Our third…

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How Are You Feeling Today?

Onyx Class FS2

You might have seen the new display in our classroom called How Are You Feeling Today? We look at it twice a day every day to see how everyone is feeling and if they are feeling sad or scared we think of how we can help them. We understand that not everyone will be happy all of the time but we don’t want anyone to be unhappy or worried when we can help them. We also talk about the different ways in which we can be happy. We’ve used the characters from Inside Out to help us understand the different feelings.


These are some of the things we say when we put our pictures onto the different emotions.

As you can see there are still question marks for Disgust. Not many children have chosen this emotion so we’ve not heard many reasons for why you might feel disgust. Can you…

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