We have used a tasc wheel to complete our own project.  We worked in small groups. We had to work together to come up with ideas, decide on an idea and then make our idea. Once we have completed our ideas we will be showing them in a 'museum'.  We worked really well together and … Continue reading Tasc


Viking Stories

You probably remember that we had been working with Andy the story teller last half term. Well, he was back last week, and we heard some more great stories and got to work on the ones that we had started. What a treat it was to work with Andy. Thank you, Andy, for bringing so … Continue reading Viking Stories

This Week’s Superstars

We've reached the end of another amazing week in Year 5. In Literacy, we have been writing non-chronological reports about Alfred the Great, linked to our Viking vs. Anglo-Saxons topic, and in Maths we have been challenging ourselves on place value. Here we have the Mathematician of the Week (left), who has demonstrated superb effort, … Continue reading This Week’s Superstars