We have been learning more violin skills.  We are using the bow and playing four notes. We often work together to help each other improve our playing; listening carefully to a friend's playing and then offering points for improvement.



In Year 5, we get to learn how to play the violin. (Very exciting!) Today was our first day with Heather from the Sheffield Music Hub; she is our teacher. We started by learning how to keep a beat, and we sang some songs to practise this. Then Heather played a piece of music for … Continue reading Violins!

Sheffield Music Hub Performance


We had an amazing time when musicians and singers from Sheffield Music Hub came in and performed for us.  They told a story using words, songs and music.  The story was ‘Where the Wild Things are”.

At times we had to join in with noises, playing instruments and singing. Some of us held up props.

Ellie: It was really funny when they told us what the translations were.

Cody W: I enjoyed it and it was really fun. I liked the howling.

Saron: Their voices went really high and it sounded incredible.

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We are making good progress with our violins. We are really enjoying learning how to play different notes, and we are even learning how to read a bit of music. Did you know that we are going to hear the Hallé orchestra perform on Friday?