Environment Week

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This week is extra special throughout Prince Edward School, not only because it’s the last week of half term, but also because it’s Environment Week!

What is Environment Week?

Lets ask some Year Sixes what they think Environment Week is all about…

Majida – “It could be helpful because more children will know about pollution and can help change it.”

“It talks about pollution which is important to learn about because it affects animals as well as the world.” – Nathan

“Environment Week is to teach us how to make our environment a better place and to stop things like littering.” – Ebony

“We need to learn about the environment so children understand how important trees and plants are to our planet.” – Louie

But what do we do in Environment Week?

Some children have been outside on a nature walk and gardening in Year Six; others have been learning about…

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SSELP Swimming Festival


We had a fantastic time at Ponds Forge when we took part in the swimming festival.  We met children from a different school.

Playing in the pool was great fun as we could use floats in the lazy river, have a go on the slides and experience the wave machine.

All the children got a new swimming bag and a voucher for a free swim. Have a look at the website to choose the venue you would like to visit.


Obviously we dont have any photos from in the pool but here are our excited faces on our journey there.


Thanks to SIV for hosting and to all the organisers within SSELP.

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😄 Harry Potter World 😄


We visited Hary Potter World as part of our literacy learning. Having spent lots of time reading, writing and generally enjoying ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’, we spent a day at the set in Watford. It was amazing!

We entered the Grand Hall and we were blown away! It was like the book came to life.

As we moved through the aircraft hangers, we spotted so many familiar objects and places.

Everywhere we looked we recognised things. There was so much to see and do. We lifted broomsticks magically, we boarded the Hogwarts Express and we tried to make it through platform 9 3/4.

The place was huge and some of it was outside. We saw the Dursleys’ house, the Knight bus, and we rode on the motorbike and in the flying car.

We walked down Diagon Alley. There were shops and places we recognised all around. We found…

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