Evaluating Web Sites in Computing

This half term in Computing, Year 5s are learning about the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web and about Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web in 1989.  We are also learning about how we collaborate online and how revolutionary the Internet and the World Wide Web have been. Today … Continue reading Evaluating Web Sites in Computing



This half term, we are learning about rainforests. Next week, we will write a report about them, so today we worked with a partner to do some research using the Oddizzi web site. We worked on our note-taking skills, and Mrs Lohoar and Mrs Kirk were really impressed with our co-operation and team work. If … Continue reading Rainforests


Having learned about algorithms last week, we had another go with Scratch this week. We are learning the basics now so that we can develop our own programmes by the end of the year. By the way, learning about algorithms has really helped us (and Mrs Lohoar!) be more explicit with our instructions across our … Continue reading Scratch