Here is our first-ever SPaG king of the year. We were working on adverbials earlier this week, and this guy came up with a fantastic sentence. Not only did he use adverbials of time, place and manner (in one simple sentence);  he also included one of our spellings. Well done!


Thoughts on Year 5…

It's not boring at all because we get the SPaG crown, the Maths medal and the listening ears. You get to play games like Articulate!, Invisible Man (a spelling game) and the times-table challenge. Mrs Lohoar, who is my teacher, taught us how to do relative clauses. She also taught us how to write news … Continue reading Thoughts on Year 5…

Last Week’s Superstars

Here we have our Mathematician of the Week (left) and our Star of the Week (right). Our Mathematician just keeps getting better and better with his times tables, and is also really impressing Mrs Lohoar and Mrs Kirk with his mental maths and problem solving. Our Star, meanwhile, has been absolutely amazing in reading, writing … Continue reading Last Week’s Superstars


Here are a couple of our SPaG stars from this week. On the left we have someone who is fast becoming an expert on prepositional phrases, while on the right we have someone who gave it her all when we were identifying the parts of a sentence. Nice work, you two!