We have been learning more violin skills.  We are using the bow and playing four notes. We often work together to help each other improve our playing; listening carefully to a friend's playing and then offering points for improvement.



We have been learning French for two years now.  We are hearing lots of the French language from our teacher. This week we worked in teams and we had to really put our speaking and listening skills into practise.   We listened to the story of Little Red Riding Hood (in French obviously!) and learnt lots … Continue reading French

The Crumpled Heart Lesson

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Today the children were each handed a paper heart and were asked to crumple it, step on it (without ripping it), and say unkind things to it. After that they unfolded their heart, smoothed it out and tried to get it look as smooth and fresh as it was before. Of coursed everyone’s heart styed crumpled and tatty. The children were then asked to applogise to their heart and see if they could fix  it. We had a discussion about how even though they said they were sorry, the creases still didn’t come out no matter how hard they tried to fix it, and this is exactly what happens when one child is nasty to another. You might not be able to see it on the outside but all those crumples stay with them on the inside!


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Last Week’s Superstars

It was Year 5's Special Mentions last week, and here are the children Amethyst class celebrated: The winner on the left has been amazing in Maths (column addition) and Literacy (mystery writing) and has also been so helpful to others. This is so important, so thank you! The winner in the middle, meanwhile, has blown … Continue reading Last Week’s Superstars