It’s not boring at all because we get the SPaG crown, the Maths medal and the listening ears. You get to play games like Articulate!, Invisible Man (a spelling game) and the times-table challenge. Mrs Lohoar, who is my teacher, taught us how to do relative clauses. She also taught us how to write news reports. My favourite thing in Year 5 was going to Harry Potter World. — Sophie

Extraordinary and staggering, remarkable and phenomenal, Year 5 was the best year ever. — Tamzin

Year 5 has been the best year of all of the years I’ve been in. It was so great because we learned a lot, but we also had fun while learning. — Daphne

Year 5 was very interesting because we got to learn about parenthesis; we did fun things like SPaG, spellings and Literacy; and we went to Harry Potter Studios. — Ellis

The amazing thing about Year 5 is that we do intense Maths and very sturdy Literacy. The best word that I learned this year was ‘atrocious’. — TJ

My favourite thing was doing Maths because it’s fun.  — Tony

The university trip was the best experience for me because I learned how things are made. — Kai

Harry Potter was my favourite thing about Year 5. — Harley

Materials Day was my favourite thing. I was scared to burn my material, but then I tried it and liked it. I learned that that is an irreversible change. Freezing is a reversible change. — Ethan



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