This week’s Star of the Week was TJ. He really impressed Mrs Lohoar and Mrs Kirk with his writing and his focus, particularly during our rainforest work. We all wrote an information text on the four layers of the rainforest, and TJ was constantly on the hunt for the perfect words to include. He does love a good word!




Our Mathematician of the Week, meanwhile, was Cameron. He is the current leader in our biweekly times-table challenge: 150 out of 150 in under 8 minutes. (There is great competition here, and our previous two leaders have slipped up a bit this week, getting 149. Still fantastic, but not 150!)

silver and gold


Last, but by no means least, our special mentions this week go to Kai, who was awarded a silver certificate for Charming Citizenship, and Dec, who was awarded a gold certificate for Excellent Effort.

Kai hurt his wrist earlier in the week, but it hasn’t stopped him from being kind, polite and helpful. You have such a positive attitude and set a great example, Kai. Thank you!

Dec, meanwhile, has been an absolute superstar this week, working hard across the board and trying extra hard with his Literacy. Well done, Dec!



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