We have improved our SPaG skills so much this year. You know that we regularly celebrate great SPaG in Amethyst class with the SPaG crown, right? Well, this week Mrs Lohoar awarded the crown to SEVEN people in one morning because it was so hard to choose just one winner.


Here is but a sample of our work, which was based on this photo:

summer pic


Short, soaked, muddy –– I bounced up and down as I shot my sister with the snake-like hosepipe. As I shot my sister with water, I clutched the handle as hard as I could. Soaked and wet, cold and shivering, my sister lost to my power with a hosepipe. I thought it was funny. (Inside, however, I felt sorry for my sister.)

If she had noticed him, if she had been ready, if she had been alert, Karen (or Kandy, as her friends and family call her) would have been ready when she saw her brother clutching a water gun and squirting huge jets of water. As she was screaming with rage, she swallowed a mouthful of murky water.

Can you tell what one of this week’s WOW words was?



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