It was French Day today across Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, and what a jam-packed day it was. We had the opportunity to choose from 11 different French-themed activities, from Geography to History to the Tour de Prince! There was also the chance to try out different French foods, and we could dress up as a famous French person or in the colours of the French flag.

Each of us got to choose three workshops. Mrs Lohoar’s activity was music, and those of us who worked with her learned a French song, which we then sang in a round. We also got to make up our own French song, set to the tune of the original one, and we used some of the French phrases that we have learned throughout the year.

I enjoyed singing in Mrs Lohoar’s classroom (my teacher) because I love singing. When it was French Day, there were three activities, and I chose Maths, Art and Singing. In Maths, I got more confident at doing French numbers; in Art, I learned that you could use cotton buds to do Art; and in Music, I got to practise some of the phrases I’d learned this year. – Sophie

On French Day, I mostly enjoyed PE because the two games that I played were fun. The first one was called boules. You had a jack, and you had to throw the ball close to the jack. Then there was lacrosse, where you have a big bat and you have to score from the opposition’s half. I was good. I learned about lacrosse and how to say ‘multiply by’ in French. – Robbie

I loved Maths because we were playing bingo in French and sinking ships with French numbers. – Daphne

In Miss Senior’s class (History), we learned about Joan of Arc. We had to create posters, and if Miss Senior liked yours and called you up, you had to paint a big version of it that said ‘paix’, which is ‘peace’ in French, on it. — Cameron

Nous nous sommes bien amusés. À bientôt!


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