It was Year 5 mentions this week, and here are the children we celebrated:

On the left, we have the recipient of a bronze certificate for Excellent Effort. She has worked so hard in Literacy and Maths this week, and she’s also been a great help to her peers when they have got stuck. Meanwhile, on the right, we have the recipient of a silver award for Terrific Thinking. He has been reflective, creative and imaginative, bursting with great ideas and thoughtful questions all the time.

We had one more person to celebrate, but he was not here today to have his photo taken. Well done, Elliott, for your Excellent Effort! You’ve done some wonderful Literacy work this week!

In other news, we have our Mathematician of the Week (right), who is getting so confident with division that she has been helping others.


Then of course we have our Star of the Week, who has been really concentrating across the board. Here he is in front of some of our Tudors  learning. Keep up the good work!




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