We have been studying the Tudors this half term, and today we were posed a question by Mrs Lohoar: What makes a good leader?

We have learned a bit about King Henry VIII and what kind of leader he was. We know that some people think he was one of the greatest monarchs in British history while others think he was a cruel tyrant.

Henry VIII

We really enjoy sharing our thoughts and our ideas and building upon others’. That’s why we asked Mrs Lohoar if we could do a P4C (Philosophy for Children) session based around the Tudors.


Some of us thought that bravery was the most important characteristic of a good leader; others thought that a good leader should always look after the people he or she represents. Things got a bit interesting when someone posited that good leaders should always be kind. King Henry, who beheaded two of his wives, wasn’t very kind, was he?


One thought on “What Makes a Good Leader?

  1. Wow! Y5 Amethyst, this P4C session was deep. I can think of many great leaders who have really varied qualities. It made me think that some great leaders could be quite unpopular too if they have to make hard and difficult decisions that might upset some people. I like the fact that you thought about how leaders should look after the people they represent. I wonder if leaders should always put others first?
    I would have loved to have joined in on your P4C session.

    Mr Sieczkarek


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