After we learned about taking cuttings to make new plants, we had the chance to use microscopes. What an exciting Science day!

Some of us looked at leaves from the geranium plants that we used to make our cuttings. Some of us looked at sugar, foam, coins, orange peel… all sorts!

I looked at sand. The sand doesn’t look translucent, but under the microscope it did. – Robbie

I could see colours in the sand in each crystal. – Daphne

I looked at foam, and under the microscope it looked like crystals. – Dec

When I looked at the 2p under the microscope, it was a different colour. – Tia

I saw Queen Elizabeth’s head on the coin and when it was made. I could also see the little parts of her crown that you can’t see without the microscope. – Tiger

I looked at an orange sweet that had already been bitten. It looked a bit like stone. – Hashim

I looked at a leaf, and when I zoomed in, the colours all merged together. – Zuzanna

The leaf was not actually flat and smooth. I could see different textures. –Cameron

At the end of our fantastic Science morning, we awarded a Science certificate this superstar:


He showed fantastic curiosity and really enjoyed the microscope activity. He also took a cutting from our class spider plant, and he will look after the new plant if his cutting is successful.




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