The Women in Engineering group from the University of Sheffield was back today to teach some lucky Year 5s a bit about rockets. (Last time the engineers were here, if you remember, we participated in a bridge-building challenge.)

Here we are finding out about what an aerospace engineer does. Do you know what force a rocket must overcome in order to launch? Do you know what Newton’s Third Law is?


After we learned about how to build a rocket, we had a go at creating our own.


Then came the really fun bit: launching our rockets (or testing them).

After each of us had a go separately, we all launched at the same time to see whose rocket would go the farthest. We even did a countdown from our launchpad (next to Mrs Lohoar’s desk), just like real astronauts!


The winning rocket travelled 3m — which, by the way, is 300cm or 3000mm. (Challenge question: How many km is that?)

Once we finished our launch, we reviewed our design — as any good engineer does — to see whether there were any flaws, and we thought about what we might change the next time to make the rockets more aerodynamic.

Thanks again, Women in Engineering!


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