We are continuing to enjoy Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (big trip next week!), and each time read, we never fail to be blown away by J.K. Rowling’s magical words. Today in Literacy, we produced some fantastic writing of our own, focusing on description. We had a picture of a boy as a starting point. Don’t these words paint a vivid picture in your mind?

The little boy, with sapphire ocean eyes, was lurching down the jennel. He has jet-black headphones with music coming through his eyes…. The boy, who has ginger hair, was waving side to side. He was that giddy, he was skipping down the road because he loved the music so much. — Rowan

James has blue, glimmering eyes. His eyes are as big as dinner plates that shine at delicious food. He saved one week of pocket money to get his shiny headphones. His hair smelled like ginger biscuits only just come out of the tin. He is kind-hearted, trustworthy, friendly and cool. — Matty

Marvin has golden, buttery, short, wavy hair. On his head, there are cool black headphones, and he has shiny, sparkly, diamond, baby-blue eyes…. He has melted-chocolate brown laces on his boots, which go half-way up his jeggings. — Lekeisha



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