Today, with the University of Sheffield’s Women in Engineering group, we had an after-school workshop where we competed against each other to see who could build the strongest bridge. We had to use lots of different types of skills: maths, teamwork, communication, reasoning and problem-solving. Obviously, we also had to employ some engineering skills: Which materials would work best and why? Whose design would work best and why?

First, we did some planning:

Then we did some predicting:


Then we had to purchase our materials. We only had a limited budget (and, by the way, not every material was available to each of the two groups), so this is where our budgeting skills came in.

Next we got to building:

The experts also built bridges in order to give us some extra competition! Can you tell what kind of bridge this one is going to be?


Lastly, we tested our bridges to see how much weight each would hold. Both bridges maxed out as 1 kg. How amazing is that?

The engineers’ bridge fared well, too:


Check back in two weeks, when we will have another Science workshop, this time with rockets!

Thanks, Women in Engineering. What a great treat for British Science Week.



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