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Did you know that it is just coming to the end of Fairtrade Fortnight?  Well today we in Amethyst class talked about where our food — namely bananas — comes from and how important Fairtrade is to small farmers.

Did you know that banana growers receive only a small amount of the money we pay for bananas and that, as a result, many find it hard to make a living? How would you feel if you were a banana grower? Do you think that this set-up could be fairer?


We learned that it could be, and we now know that we should try to look for the Fairtrade symbol whenever we or our grown-ups buy bananas. We also know to look for the Fairtrade symbol on coffee, tea and even chocolate.

The farmers will feel happy if you use Fairtrade because it gives them more money to feed their families. — Ellis

When you go the supermarkets, always look for the Fairtrade symbol because it might be more expensive but it gives farmers more money. — Dec

When you see the Fairtrade symbol, you should try to buy it because you want the farmers to get more money for the effort and time they’ve spent. — Robbie

You should look for the Faitrade symbol because of how much effort the farmers put into the growing. They should get more than 3p. — Hashim

Buy Fairtrade food to help the people who grow it to get more money. — Zuzanna



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