Today was World Book Day, and we celebrated in style! Children AND teachers dressed up, and every class across the school decorated its door. Can you guess what theme the Year 5 classes chose? (Ours is on the left; Emerald’s is on the right.)

Here we are in our finery.


There were a few themes going, as you can see from these pictures. What a great day we had!


Remember to use your £1 book token to get a special World Book Day book or to get £1 off a book of your choice. You could even save the book token for when the Book Fair arrives at school in April!



3 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. It looked like you had lots of fun on world book day. Did you win the best door and who won the best costumes? You all looked great. Do you want to know who I like the best? Well don’t tell me it’s really hard to decide, but I like the girl with the pink and purple dress. Shes is wearing black shoes, white pink laces and pink, amazing, fluffy ankle stuff on her legs. Who do you think she is?


  2. Amber class loved this blog post!
    Aishah liked the pictures and how you told everyone all about world book day!
    Ashton noticed that you had explained what to do with your book token incase you had forgot!
    Shanice really enjoyed the pictures.
    Fraya loves the Harry Potter group picture!


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