Prince Edward Primary School received a wonderful gift yesterday — a game called Articulate! Mr Sieczkarek and three of us from Amethyst class went to surprise Mrs Lohoar with the game, and we all had a practice with Miss Allerton.

In the game, players describe words from different categories to their team as quickly as possible. What a fantastically FUN way to develop our Literacy skills!

Today we told the rest of the class all about the game, and we then taught everyone else in Amethyst how to play. For this reason, we were awarded the Good Listener ears.

Articulate! is going to become a regular activity across our school. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Articulate!

  1. Well done you three.
    I love this game so here goes…guess what I’m describing:

    It is a verb.
    It describes how someone may talk or speak.
    If they do this they are speaking so very quiet and would probably use this way of speaking if they wanted no one else to hear.
    They may even do it from behind their hand!

    Have you guessed it yet? Do you need another clue?

    Ok, complete this well known phrase for a speaking game: “Chinese……….”
    But can you give me the singular form?

    Mr Sieczkarek


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